Anaconda not launching from Panel but does from Terminal


I am running KDE and have not had this issue before with any other Apps, and previously never with Anaconda.

But on this new KDE install, I have installed Anaconda and it works fine if launching it from the terminal with the ‘anaconda-navigator’ command.

I have added it into the Application menu as a new item using…

bash -c "anaconda-navigator"

So it should launch fine and did on my previous Gnome install as well as on another KDE install I have on another laptop.

I have selected the option of running in Terminal to hope it gives me a terminal window with any possible errors, but the terminal flashes onto the screen and just vanishes in the blink of an eye.

Any ideas why it would launch fine from the terminal, but the same command will not from either the application menu, or if placed on a panel?

Or any ideas how I can perhaps get the terminal to remain visible so I can see what is occurring?


Make that into…


Hello - just tried this and I get a ‘plasma workspace error’ that it cannot find the application ‘anaconda-navigator’??

It runs fine on my other KDE manjaro install inside the bash command.

Very strange.

Is the file located in a directory that’s in your $PATH? If not, you’ll have to prepend the path to where the file is located in the shortcut.

Aragorn - I just allowed the shell script for Anaconda install it in its normal location, which is within my home folder, so it appears alongside the ‘documents’ and ‘Download’ folders.

Your home directory is not in the $PATH. This ain’t Microsoft Windows. :wink:

I do however believe that Manjaro adds ~/.local/bin to the $PATH by default. So check your $PATH:arrow_down:

echo $PATH | grep ".local"

If you get a result from that command, move the file anaconda-navigator into ~/.local/bin.

Done. Just gave it the full path to the anaconda-navigator launcher.

Just strange as to why two KDE installs, with the same program installed in the exact same place need two different commands. My other KDE works fine with the ‘bash -c’ command as noted on my initial post. Yet this version seems to want it minus the bash command.

A bit strange, but all works fine now :+1:

Thanks for the nudge.

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