Hello, everyone…

I just installed Anaconda3-2020.07(x86_64) on Manjaro 20.1.2 two days ago. I followed all the instructions available in When I first tried to run anaconda-navigator from terminal, I encountered a problem as in, and then I did conda update anaconda-navigator to fix this issue. Anaconda-navigator did run successfully. However, there is still a minor problem. A warning message appears in my terminal whenever I launch anaconda-navigator. It reads

“WARNING linux_scaling.get_scaling_factor_using_dbus:27
An exception occurred during fetching list of system display settings.”

What is this warning about? How to fix this?

P.S.: The anaconda-navigator works fine. The annoying thing so far is that its window cannot be maximized to full-screen.

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You are not alone. I’ve also got this bug, and it has been reported in github. So all we can do is to wait :sweat_smile:

I had an similar issue, can you check this topic?

Hope it helps