An unofficial mesa repo is what we needed, congrats for hearing the users!

Okey, it may be possible that the correct place to that is off topic. Feel free to move it.
I wanted to speak about the vaapi problem in amd. The only thing we needed here was a workaround that doesn’t need to compile mesa every time the system was updated. An unnoficial repo is what we need! Congrats for hearing the users!


More background to the above mentioned repo:

yeah yeah, I know. It’s why I put this thread, to say:
before knowing this I was changing to endavour, I stop for this.
Not only saying
“bad, manjaro”
but to say GOOD!

I know all the scene, actually I opened a time ago a thread and the 3 options they give me … they were so bad( compile each update, use amf that is not used by anything or the another one that was the one for me that was to replace manjaro packages with arch ones( not the best))
So i know it all, actually I mentioned an unnoficial repo like the way to go and everyone in manjaro team was like “NOOOOO!”

I see, I apologise for the misunderstanding. I had read your original post as if you were requesting an unofficial repo.