An ARM64 version of Xrdp?

Anyone know how to get xrdp going?

The package in AUR is just for x86?

ERROR: xrdp is not available for the architecture ‘aarch64’.

I would like to RDP to a Manjaro ARM box, but that seems difficult.
Would require:

  • xrdp, xorgxrdp and pulseaudio-module-xrdp.

All are available, just not for ARM64, it seems.

Any ideas?

Should be possible to just add aarch64 to the arch=() line in the PKGBUILD and then build it.

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Will freerdp work for you?

Excellent, however: downloading the PKGBUILD, updating it and makepkg-ing it creates an error about a missing install file. Will have to find a more detailed manual somewhere…

Did you download the entire tarball or just the PKGBUILD?

Your error indicates the latter.

Indeed. I got both, but It seems I only require the PKGBUILD file as it can download the tarball itself.

I mean the tarball of the AUR package. Not the source.

I seem to have the source tarball. Can’t easily find a download link from the packages page.
There is a snapshot tarball, but that only holds some scripts.

Clone the repo: git clone

Then you can modify the PKGBUILD file and build it directly.


That seems to have done the trick.
Many thanks. :slight_smile:

I can confirm that xrdp, xorgxrdp and pulseaudio-module-xrdp all work when compiled for aarch64, update the arch line as Strit mentions and makepkg compiles to working code.

Remember to set the file /etc/X11/Xwrapper.config to read:

allowed_users = anybody

Or something more secure. You will likely have to create that file.
Also, you might have to setup the /etc/xrdp/ to have this:

eval $(dbus-launch --sh-syntax)
exit 0

as the wm_start contents. Not sure what the eval … thing does.

Also, once connected, remember to enable the sound on the server by running to start pulseaudio on the server:

pulseaudio -D

That streams audio to the client using the xrdp sink. If you go back to normal non-xrdp use, you have to rescan the audio devices / sinks to find the normal audio devices again.

pacmd unload-module module-udev-detect && pacmd load-module module-udev-detect

That seems to work, don’ t ask me to explain it though :slight_smile:

Which is what is needed to build the package. It contains all the PKGBUILD needs, that it does not download from other places. Like scripts and .install files. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Strit. I got it working.
Perhaps you could (suggest someone to) update the xrdp package on AUR to mark it for aarch64 as well.
The xrdp package works for me on aarch64, with the provided PKGBUILD and other scripts as-is with the exception of the arch aarch64 parameter.

You can do it.

You can just write an email to the maintainer of the AUR package and ask if he/she is will to add it. :slight_smile:

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That is an option? Excellent! And I found the addresses in the PKGBUILDs as well.

Just sent an appreciative email to the three maintainers of the three packages requesting the aarch64 update.

Thanks Strit, your efforts are much, much appreciated!

Update: hmm, the maintainer of xorgxrdp seems to have a non-working emailaddress.

Freerdp might actualy work as well!

Freerdp looks like a somewhat user-unfriendly RDP client, but appears very, very, very configurable and seems feature rich /feature complete. As in, there is quite a few options.

And it appears you can use it as a server as well! (Which explains freerdp as an alternative solution to xrdp.)

Also, there seems to be some kind of WebConnect / HTML5 server as well, perhaps in a way a little like Apache Guacamole.

Which means you could host the RDP server and a WebConnect / HTML5 server, all from a Manjaro ARM device (if it is all supported). And then connect from anywhere using a browser.

So, in theory that all seems nice.
Documentation however, is quite another issue.
Plenty of options and configuration, but not much accessible documentation I could find. And quite a bit of what I found seems fairly dated.

Interesting possibilities, but requires quite a bit of time to investigate.

Thanks for mentioning it 0n0w1c ! Seems like the possibilities here are bountiful.

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