Amdgpu pixel format

I try to enable full rgb on my display, i have installed and enabled amdgpu. I followed a tutorial on reddit (google ‘amdgpu pixel format’ and its the 2nd or 3rd result) but i get [drm:edid_load [drm]] *ERROR* Requesting EDID firmware "edid/edid.bin" failed (err=-2) when i look at dmesg.
/etc/default/grub : [drm:edid_load [drm]] *ERROR* Requesting EDID firmware "edid/edid.bin" failed (err=-2)

Error Code 2 means that the file edid.bin is not there…

What do you mean by “installed and enabled amdgpu”? Can you please elaborate on that?

It is built into the kernel, so it should be automatically installed already. Unless you were going from proprietary NVIDIA drivers to open source AMD drivers.

edid.bin is at: /lib/firmware/edid/edid.bin isnt that correct?

i just mean i downloaded the experimental package and i added somewhere that i dont rememember atm something like modules = (amdgpu radeon), ive confirmed amdgpu is loaded from system info gui tool.its a clean install.

edit: modules = (amdgpu radeon) was in mkinitcpio which is saw it isnt needed if amdgpu works so i removed it.

Ok i managed to solve this. steps for anyone stumbling on this (amd gpu with amdgpu driver)

  • on /etc/mkinitcpio.conf make sure there is MODULES=(amdgpu) and FILES=/usr/lib/firmware/edid/edid.bin replace edid.bin with whatever you named it.
  • save exit and run sudo mkinitcpio -P
  • reboot
  • on /etc/defaut/grub (if you have grub bootloader) at the end of GRUB_CMD_LINE_DEFAULT add drm.edid_firmware=HDMI-A-1:edid/edid.bin replace ‘HDMI-A-1’ with the port your monitor is plugged in and ‘edid.bin’ with the name you gave to the edid
  • save, exit and run sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg
  • reboot
  • done!
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