AMD vs NVIDIA Compatibility?

I have manjaro installed on i3 intel 10th gen with old nvidia 950 gtx on 65 4K tv in my living room serving me well for a long time. (nvidia open source driver, I’m on X11, Manjaro Gnome). I’m using it for browsing, watching streaming videos , actually usual things. The other day I saw a store in my town selling video cards for relatively normal price. In a range of 200 euros there were two cards: Radeon rx 6500 xt and Nvidia gtx 1650. It is time to replace my old card. So what’s the story these days about better compatibility, issues between nvidia and amd?

Generally AMD is a little smoother than NVIDIA, but in the modern day both work very well. However, according to a comparison from PassMark the 6500 XT is more bang for your buck in terms of performance.

Unless you are seriously anti-proprietary software, don’t do this. The proprietary drivers for NVIDIA are sooooo much better.

I believe that proprietary drivers are much better. But, I’m not gaming. I just watch 4K streams. And my desktop is running 4K 59 hz. Everything is working as expected. I have had problems on manjaro with proprietary drivers i na past (few years ago) and it was big relief for me that open source drivers are working nice.
Can You elborate on "Generally AMD is a little smoother " and thank You for quick response.

A few years is a long time, I haven’t had any issues with mine. You can always switch back.

I’m not exactly an expert on this topic so I can’t elaborate super well, but basically AMD cares more about writing good Linux drivers than NVIDIA does. As a result, they tend to be better-tuned, have fewer bugs, and be more up to date with innovations in Linux (e.g. Wayland compatibility).

For example, in November Linux enabled by default a security feature called IBT, however NVIDIA drivers weren’t compatible with it until earlier this month. As a result, you had to disable the security feature in order to boot. Though, it was a pretty minor security feature, and you weren’t really at risk for having it disabled.

Thank You fasto. I’ll buy amd. I haven’t bought amd (video card nor cpu) never in my life. And I’m an old man. Buying comp hardware makes me happy. What a sad life. Thank You again.

I think it would be a sadder life if that didn’t make you happy. It sure makes me happy.

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