AMD RX 6600 XT Driver Installation (Noob)

Hi everyone! Semi-new user to the Manjaro/Linux so please bare with me. I need some help and advice in regards to installing the AMD RX 6600 XT drivers on Arch. This is my first time attempting to use a AMD GPU on Linux so i’m a little intimidated. The distros i normally use normally preinstall Nvidia Drivers for you and if they don’t you have to go through a absurd amount of trouble to get Nvidia to work for you. I’ve heard some bad rumors that any of these newer AMD cards (The one i have) have major trouble working on Linux but maybe im wrong im guessing because maybe there only a few months old and the drivers aren’t 100% stable yet? I’m not really sure. I’m honestly not even sure if installing AMD on Linux is easier compared to Nvidia I’ve never done this before. Id really appreciate if anyone would be kind enough to walk me through it step by step maybe. All replies are GREATLY apperciated, Thank you so much!

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You already have the AMD drivers installed. :wink:

Run the following and you’ll see the amdgpu driver is use:

inxi -Gazy
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I run the AMD RX6800 XT.
What Yochanan said above. It works fine out of the box with amdgpu.

My mind is absolutely blown. I can’t believe i had to do nothing AMD is absolutely the way to go as far as Linux goes my gosh i can’t believe i put up with Nvidia this long. Thank you so much i feel so silly.

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