AMD RX 570 Black Screen Unless amdgpu.dc=0 Is Used, which causes HDMI Audio Malfunction

My system has no display after the initial boot process, unless the amdgpu.dc=0 Kernel Parameter is added to GRUB, which causes the HDMI Audio to not work at all.

I have seen various bug reports which claim that the issue has been fixed, but it has persisted on my system on every distro i have tried for the past year and a half. Newer or older kernels don’t seem to help.

I have an HP Z400 Workstation running the latest bios from 2018, yet i am facing this problem. No other kernel parameters seem to help. I am running a fresh install.

I have added logs from a black screen boot (DC Enabled Default):

And the logs from a boot with the parameter added (DC Disabled):

I have been trying to solve this problem for almost two years, each time i get more and more frustrated, and with the announcement of Windows 11, i thought that i should take another crack at this problem, but nothing seems to fix this.

Thanks In Advance.