Amd Radeon RX 580 and Google Chrome Hardware acceleration issue

Hi there, glad to be here. I’m Marco!
I actually run Manjaro Gnome edition, my HW works fine apart from the GPU, an AMD radeon rx 580.
The most annoying issue occurs when using Google Chrome with HW acceleration feature (which is active, by default), I see an horrible screen flickering (if term is correct), elements in the website show moving pixels, it’s almost impossible to have a normal navigation experience.

I actually run the video-linux drivers, I tried the non-free ones, but they produces issues and boot freeze, so I reverted the open-source ones.

Any suggestion to fix the issue?

Hardware acceleration does not work on Google Chrome, use Chromium.

There are no non-free AMD drivers. You’ll be using AMDGPU either way.

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Many thanks, situation is clear now.
Will try Chromium. :wink:

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