AMD Radeon GPU install and Blender

There are plenty of posts discussing Radeon, the proprietary drivers and what to install.

But, everything I’ve found is a year old or more.

Is there any comprehensive (and/or up to date) info on this?

It’s clear from what I’ve found that the AMD Pro drivers are the right answer, or even clear how/if they can be installed for Manjaro.

I’ve searched here an around the web and found lots of rat holes to follow, but nothing definitive and nor very recent.

Hi @drmacro,

I believe you’re looking for this:

Hope it helps!

That link gives me a Page not found error.

I am just on there. It basically says, go here:

…and follow those instructions to install.

You can install the drivers using the custom script from AUR

If they have been flagged - but you can modify the PKGBUILD to download and repack the new version found on AMD web.

sudo pacman -Syu base-devel git --needed
git clone
cd amdgpu-pro-installer
makepkg -is

What are you trying to do?

Blender uses HIP for AMD cards now, only vega and newer cards are supported. Third party renderers may be able to use older cards.

Quote from above link to the Arch wiki - note the requirement Mesa (emphasized by me)

On supported GPUs (GFX9, CDNA, and RDNA; see the official hardware compatibility list for more info), hip-runtime-amd can be used to get GPU acceleration through HIP in Blender, using Mesa.

If I understand that correct - it would then require the non-free mesa - which is not present with Manjaro’s default mesa build.


“If they have been flagged” - by who or what?
Modify the PKGBUILD?

The base-devel and git are installed.

The PKBUILD file appears to be for 23.10, so, I’m guessing it is ok, since that is a newer revision then mentioned in Blender?

It also defines ubuntu_ver=22.04 Does this need to change for Manjaro?

makepkg does what exactly and how does one use the result?

Sorry, I only have a cursory experience with the machinations of pacman and PKGBUILD.