AMD microcode installation


I’m installing Manjaro in dual boot on my Thinkpad T14, AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 4750U with Radeon Graphics
I’ve found that I should install AMD microcode and need the amd-ucode.img package to do it
I’ve looked for a tutorial on how to get and install it, but I didn’t find any that is helpful for me

Manjaro is started in live session. I saw Linux-firmware and Manjaro-firmware packages installed, and amd-ucode.img in the boot directory

Is the microcode managed automatically by Manjaro. So I have noting to do

Thanks for your help

You just need to have the package amd-ucode installed. The default installation should detect your AMD processor and install it automatically. Try this:

sudo pacman -S --needed amd-ucode

If it’s already installed, it will tell you. If not, it will install.

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Realy easy


Will it be updated automatically with : pacman -Syu

Yes it will.

Thank you all

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