Ambient light or automatic brightness with webcam on laptop?

Hello everybody,

I would like to know if there is a way under KDE Plasma to adjust automatically the brightness of the screen with the help of the webcam (adjusting with ambient light) under Wayland ?

The only thing I found on the net is it:

Is KDE Plasma have a functionnality to be able to adjust automatically the brightness of the screen with the ambient light of the room ?

Thanks for your help.

AFAIK KDE doesn’t have this functionality. You try clight and install it from AUR. I am not sure if this will work on KDE though:

pamac build clight

Also follow this guide:

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FYI, there’s a GUI for Clight as well in the AUR as clight-gui-git.

Ok. Thanks.

Maybe a bit late and not entirely on topic. I have been looking for a solution to control the brightness of my external monitor for a while but haven’t found anything. I looked into Clight and it was working fairly good, but it was very much adapted for a laptop and the UI was sometimes a bit buggy.

By happenstance I found a github repo which is a python script/cli application that lets you control a lot of things via DDC/CI (including brightness/luminance). If you are a bit familiar with Python I think it would be fairly easy to create something that suits your needs. At least that is my intention!

Thanks for the link.