Alternatives to Chromium due Google Sync limitations

hope this is not discussed elsewhere, if so please join as necessary. as you probably know Google Sync (and other APIs meant for proprietary chrome) ceases to operate (not entirely, but limited) from today on chromium and all chromium derivatives.

this throws a wrench in officially arch-maintained chromium package and many derivatives. from what i understand the only direct alternative would be the AUR’s google-chrome package. would like to know how other users of chromium are handling this crisis.

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just checked, password/tab syncing still seems to be working with very little delay

Due this limitation and also due the “Manifest V3” (which could limit the functionality of Ad Blockers) [1] I totally switch to Firefox, on my devices; also Firefox has the ability to sync data between devices. Furthermore is more configurable.

[1] Google enables controversial extension Manifest V3 in Chrome 88 Beta - gHacks Tech News

alright it all nails in the coffin for me using chromium. Google Sync stopped working, as in was logged out with no way of logging in. yesterday end-of-day i upgraded to chromium 89, dont know whether it stopped working after the upgrade or no. but all history and tabs synced shows everything working till i did the upgrade.

so long chromium

I am happy to manage my own transfer. I just keep a compressed copy of the whole config directory and download to another machine if necessary.

use vivaldi if you dont care about open source
(althought vivaldi is half open source there is some part that isnt)
use falkon with chrome
sync in chrome and use the chrome files to import your bookmark and password to falkon once in a while
(i think you should be able to do that in chrumium too)

for the time being i’ve settled on AURs google-chrome package. seems pretty slick with all the hardware acceleration flags enabled.