Alternative way to start openbox?

Hi all,
I installed openbox. It works. Systemd starts openbox via this command.

systemctl enable xdm.service

After system booting, XDM login screen says welcome :slight_smile:

I think XDM cannot autologin. If true, how to autologin to openbox?

Or, alternative way to start openbox directly without login window?


xdm is probably the display manager I have used less - so I have no idea on how to do that.

But you can autologin using most displaymanagers lxdm, lightdm, sddm.

No matter how you flip the coin the system will need a username.

If you do console you will have to provide username and password - then run startx.

If you do display manager you can preload the config with a username which then will be used to start the graphical system.

The backdraw to doing that is that no keyrings are unlocked because that is impossible without password so - at some point - you will be asked for authentication.

Executing any task as superuser - will still require authentication - there is no way of turning Linux into Windows XP.

On Arch wiki read XDM - ArchWiki

Passwordless login

In order to enable passwordless login for XDM, add the line below to /etc/X11/xdm/Xresources:

xlogin*allowNullPasswd: true

I know all systems require user and password.
On Ubuntu or Raspbian mini image distro, When I installed openbox, autologin is possible. After edit getty@tty1.service for autologin user, openbox starts via startx command in .profile file directly.

It does not work for passwordless login.

I installed xdm-archlinux package. After disable xdm service, enable xdm-archlinux service but same result occurs.

I’ll try lxdm, lightdm or sddm.

I prefered & installed slim ( Simple Login Manager). No problem.

remove display manager

yay -S xlogin-git

To enable automatic login at boot, execute:

systemctl enable xlogin@<username>

it is a good idea to put in .bash_profile a control on console number:

[[ -z $DISPLAY && $XDG_VTNR -eq 1 ]] && exec openbox

or whatever,so if doenst work, Ctrl-Alt-F2 to start a non graphic session

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If you wanna autologin as root (or others) directly without login window, it may use nodm.

On a normal computer, using nodm is a big security issue because it would give anyone access to the computer. I am using it on raspberry Pi without network.