Alternative to windows network commands in manjaro?

i started following a network course which is learned on windows.
they use commands like:
netstat,ipconfig,nslookup,ping,tracert,arp etc.
i tried using those in konsole but they don’t run.
i looked for their counterparts in Linux like ifconfig,but it doesn’t run either.
in this Arch page,they provide a few replacements, but when running those,the output is obviously very different than what i see in windows:(so not an option to be able to follow and execute the course instructions)

what are my options?

i saw this answer by @Mirdarthos involving installing “zsh”.

or am i better just opening a windows VM and work from there?

Installing ZSH will do absolutely 0 good in this case.

I was going to suggget this exact thing!

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i might have messed my Portuguese;
i saw “replacement for manjaro…” in the title,and net-tools in the cli, so i assumed that’s what we’re talking about…

i see here they provide a solution?

but i don’t want to install wine and also have $HOME/.wine/drive_c/Windows/System32/cmd.exe on my pc.

i guess I’ll use a VM then.

to take a Linux course.

IMHO this would be the best option, as I highly doubt the output of those commands would even be the same. Or if they are, reliable. And in my opinion, the VM is the ‘cleaner’ option, anyway.

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Thank you.

No matter the system - the network diagnosing and troubleshooting - is identical.

The tools may have different names and their output formatted differently or be more or less verbose - but essentially - learning the principles of networking and troubleshooting are the same.

$ nslookup
$ drill
$ ss
$ ping
$ host
$ ip

If you have NetworkManager installed then

$ nmcli

Other tools

$ sudo pacman -Syu bind arp-scan traceroute whois

gives you

$ dig
$ traceroute
$ whois
$ arp-scan

While they can and do do the same, they are not the same and AFAIK isn’t the same or with the same output as their windows counterparts.