Alternative for Microsoft Office on Linux?


I’m looking for an alternative of Microsoft Office on Linux. I’m searching something similar to Microsoft Office interface. It seems that OnlyOffice and FreeOffice are the good choice but I want to use the Office suite offline (without internet) and Free use (like LibreOffice). So, what do you advise me ?


Nothing - it is your choice - use what you are most comfortable with.

Manjaro has both in the repo

  • freeoffice (softmaker office free version)
  • onlyoffice-desktopeditors

Not free

  • softmaker-office-2021 - not free - requires registration

From AUR you can build

  • softmaker-office-2024-bin

Test them and make an informed decision

@linux-aarhus: Is OnlyOffice from Manjaro can be used offline and free use ? Because I see that it is an online office suite and we must paid after a moment.

It is both

The interface of OnlyOffice is very similar of Microsoft Office and it seems that Microsoft documents format are taken in account. If the OnlyOffice version of Manjaro can be used offline and without paid, I think I will use it.

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Remember you can also use Ribbon interface in Libreoffice.

I use WPS Office, the tabbed ribbon interface should be quite familiar to Microsoft Office. Though I can’t really tell since the last version I used was 2013.

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as already mentioned, softmaker is a suite that’s intention is to be as close to MS-Office as possible. it’s not free but if you had to replace MS-Office in business then it’s the choice. There are a lot of companies that replaced MS-Office with softmaker in departments where Microsoft-Products are prohibited due to security risks. it’s not free but MS-Office isn’t either.

p.s.: there is a trial-version avaiable

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I mean, like this is a highly personal choice. Since the options already were discussed earlier, I just wanted to tell you about my experience and choices. Maybe these help:

I use a mixture of many applications: LIbreOffice, OnlyOffice and MicrosoftOffice Online.
Depending on what I want to do, I choose the application I want to.
For MS Office Online I actually use Microsoft Edge from Flatpak - but only for Office, because it is the fastest solution and Firefox can get a little buggy with MS Office online.

Maybe that helps you :slight_smile: