ALT-TAB window cycling missing icons only option

New to Manjaro, currently running XFCE version in Virtualbox on Linux Mint. Planning to install to disk once I sort out some newbie issues.

I prefer ALT-TAB window cycling to show icons only, but can’t find the relevant setting to achieve this - the closest I get is either thumbnails (seems to be default behavior) or “Cycle through windows in a list” as found in Settings Manager > Window Manager Tweaks.

Can anyone point me to the right setting?

The setting is located on the Compositor tab. Settings Manager >> Window Manager Tweaks >> Compositor >> “Show windows preview in place of icons when cycling”.

Thanks! One sunny day I’ll tell the XFCE devs they should keep all options pertaining cycling in one tab :slight_smile:

The XFCE team does need help…

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