Alt+mouse Right/Left click shortcut not working after recent Update

I updated my system this morning and after rebooting the system, I can’t do resize windows with alt+mouse RightClick and can’t move windows with alt+mouse LeftClick.

kernel: 5.8.18-1-MANJARO
DE: Plasma 5.20.2

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You are correct in that this doesn’t work anymore as it used to. The thing is that holding the Alt key while left- or right-clicking with the mouse was also used for a specific functionality inside certain applications, which is why from Plasma 5.20 onward, you must now hold the Meta key while left- or right-clicking in order to move or resize the window. :wink:


Thanks Aragorn. You are a lifesaver

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Is there a setting somewhere that enables to get the previous behavior back?
I really don’t like to use meta+drag instead of alt+drag… that’s a standard across many desktop environments that I really dislike that they decided to break with now…

Yes, of course. All that has changed is the default, which went from left- or right-click while holding Alt to left- or right-click while holding Meta. But just as you could already switch to this new default all by yourself before ─ as many of us did, given that it was announced months ago ─ you can also switch it back to the old behavior.

In System Settings:arrow_down:

Workspace → Window Management → Window Behavior → Window Actions → Modifier key


perfect, thank you!!

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