Alt + F4 to shutdown on KDE Plasma

Hello, i just re-dump my PC from Manjaro XCFE to Manjaro KDE Plasma and i noticed that i can’t press alt + F4 to open the shutdown/reboot/sleep menu that i had on XCFE, does it not exist on KDE or the problem comes from me? If it exists, could you explain me how to install/enable it?
Thank’s for answers!

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In Plasma, the shortcut Alt+F4 is by default assigned to closing the active window, so you are first going to have to assign a different shortcut for that ─ I personally prefer Alt+Esc, but your mileage may vary ─ and then assign Alt+F4 to the function of your choice.

System Settings → Workspace → Shortcuts

Go to settings > workspace > shortcuts > session management. There you can set a custom shortcut for log out, reboot etc. In your case just use the keybinding for “Log out” option. This will show you a menu similar to that of xfce:



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