Almost Done Setting Up My New Manjaro Xfce 64Bit - Two Last Issues


Been setting up Manjaro Xfce over the last two days.
Forum community has been super helpful which I really appreciate.

Two final issues:
(1) Desktop has 16GB RAM, but the swap activates way too early - how do I tell Manjaro not to use swap unless critically necessary (like if RAM is at 15GB full) ?

(2) On KDE, there is a theme that mimics Windows 7 Aero theme (which is quite beautiful). Is there anyway to get a theme for Xfce that looks similar to Windows 7 Aero theme? (blurred transparent window title bars) - Have the hardware: nVidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB GDDR5 with latest nVidia proprietary Linux display drivers.

That’s it for today… tomorrow my team will resume game development for Linux and Windows!
Superb Operating System - 10 out of 10…Manjaro is currently ranked #2 on DistroWatch…
…let’s shoot for #1, ok?


  1. You can set swappiness to 0 but even that does not work as expected. With a system that has 16 gb ram you don’t really need swap. I only use swap for the ability to hibernate when I’m out of battery. So my suggestion would be to get rid of swap altogether.

    Though u can already edit all sorts of transparency settings from window manager tweaks app that is already installed on your system. What it tweaks is xfwm4 the window manager of xfce. If you are new to xfce definitely have a look there, i’m sure there are some settings that you would very much like to use.

Btw install docklike plugin, it’s awesome.


Ok, how would I disable the swap which would survive a reboot?
I am on a desktop computer so don’t need hibernate.
Let me know, thanks!


See: Swap - Manjaro

Ok, swap is done…

I found a Windows 7 Aero theme, but I don’t think it’s compatible?
Can someone take a quick look below?:



Hello @JeZxLee :wink:

  1. I guess what you are looking for is compiz. Just install it and relog. Then enable functions you need.
pamac install compiz-easy-patch