All versions of Wine have become terribly slow in applications


I have been using my current Manjaro installation for about two years. Until some months (well, maybe it’s already a years now…) Wine ran fine.

But suddenly the problem started: all windowed Windows application have become extremely slow. By extremely I mean that simple tools like WinRAR would take ten minutes instead of a few seconds to just open their windows after running. Also using the application afterwards is extremely slow, with reaction times of about 30 seconds after clicking a button in the UI.

For some strange reason this only applies to 2D/windowed applications, but not to 3D games. Games using 3D/dxvk run great!
This problem occures in the Manjaro/Arch repo build of Wine as well as in all the Lutris-Wine build I have installed.
Does some know this problem and can help me?

Thank you!

such as which application? Use ark to replace WinRAR may be better.

It seems to be application independent. As soon as there’s a windows being created through the Windows-API it crawls. (I said “being”, because the crawl already starts while loading such a windowed application, and the crawl ends (=begins to run smoothly) once a 3D game is loaded and in foreground.

Some examples of applications I use:
-Minipro (for programming eproms)
-OPL Manager (for managing the PS2’s internal hard drive)
-Steam (the Steam client itself is affected, while games run from the Steam client are fluid once the game itsefl started!)
-Epic Store Client (same behaviour as the Steam-Client)
-C64 Studio (Commodore C64 IDE)
-“Everything Search” ( A file indexing and search tool with serveR/client support, so I can easily find files on my TrueNAS archive)

And countless other little, specific tools, with no known name, in example for converting and processing data files in whatever ways, be it for flashing, modifying, customizing smartphones, routers, programming micro controllers and so so on)

Any windowed application is affected.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

A thing I forgot to write down:

During the ‘slow phases’ Wine(?) actually is hogging the system so hard, that even the mouse cursor is very laggy and dragging behind.

all this applications depen on wine?? steam-manjaro does not. I am not really good at this. Sorry about this

Run the wine apps via the terminal. You should see a boatload of messages to point you in the right direction.

I don’t mean Steam-manjaro, but about steam within Lutris/Wine. Yes there are reasons for doing so, like easy switching between multiple accounts, each in it’s own Wine environment.
These all are Windows-only applications (actually only a very small part of it; I have at least 100 very specific Windows-only applications in use, as they are needed for example in many hardware modding processes, which is a hobby of mine, from retro to recent).

I have checked the logs so often, but iI haven’t seen any helpful information there, becaus either there are no problems at all, with ther applications still runnign very slow, or there are Unhandled exceptions when I change some parameters, like using an Lutris-Wine build :frowning:
I could use help in finding a way to encircle this problem… also I think I would need to enable additional log output somewhere to actually get information about the relevant issues.- but how and where would I do so?