All terminal fonts are broken

I am using a Manjaro spin, but is very similar to Manjaro Gnome default. There is an issue with the terminal font that displays as such:

And I honestly can’t seem to find a fix for it. Installed and uninstalled a bunch of fonts. In vain. Anyone has any idea what it could be?

You need to use nerd fonts. By default Manjaro uses Noto Mono which has been patched to have nerd font glyphs, but Meslo is also in the repo.


What font are you using for Monospace Text? Check in Tweaks > Fonts. GNOME Terminal will use it unless you set a custom font under Preferences > Profiles > manjaro (or your custom profile) > Text.

I am…that’s the weird part.

NotoSansMono Nerd Font. I still get the "   ~ " sort of characters…

I’m using Noto Sans Mono Regular for Monospace Text and in Tilix / GNOME Terminal I’m using Meslo LGS NF Regular. Try that.

Same issue…

I even went for a full Gnome reset of the confd. Same issue:

Some package is missing I guess

I even installed 3 more terminals, like Tilix, Patheon and Deepin. All have the same issue:

Edit: Mind you, only the font in the left side (the computer name) is the messed up one. The rest is fine.

The first two screenshots look fine.

Hm…maybe I am confused. So this is fine?

Is this how it supposed to be? Instead of the name of the user/computer, it is ok to get those characters?

No, I said the first two screenshots. I have no idea what you did to make it look like that with the Home icon missing.

Mine looks like this:

Ah wow ok. So Manjaro recently changed this or? I am sorry I fully believed that the terminal prints unknown characters since before that it was displaying the name of the computer and user.

The default shell is now ZSH, yes. manjaro-zsh-config is installed by default which uses the Powerlevel 10k theme.

As you can see, I customized mine myself.

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Ah yes. Ok. I apologize for the confusion. Thank you very much for your input. I understand now. hehe damn I was so confused to be honest…

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