All screenshot applications shift desktop

I have had this problem for the last year or so and just hopped around screenshot tools until it stopped doing it with one of them.

I have use spectacle, ksnip, flameshot, and probably a few others.

When I hit the screenshot key, and it generates the temp still image you are using to generate a region screenshot, my whole desktop shifts. Think the whole desktop spread across 4 screens shifts half a screen to the right.



Spectacle, which avoid this issue for the longest time:

I havent changed anything graphically and haven’t done any custom theming or anything like that. All I have done is update applications as they are updated and they all do this, though they all do it differently. The applications themselves are all using their default settings. It causes me to believe there is likely something at the OS/Desktop level that is causing this.

Any advice? I constantly take tons of region screenshots daily this makes of very difficult as I have to guess where the underlying area is, because the still image given to take a region screenshot of does not align with the actual desktop you are taking a screenshot of.

Any help would be appreciated.

Did you set any special GPU options?

Not that I know of. Used nvidia settings to set a typical desktop. One screen chosen as primary, 3 auxiliary enabled, and used the drag and drop function in nvidia settings to position them, apply, save. That’s the most complex thing I’ve done related to any sort of GPU settings. Ksnip worked until a large manjaro update, then switched to flameshot till another update, then switched to spectacle because it has the least egregious image shifting. Seems to correlate with big updates that may change some sort of system setting.

I haven’t customized anything in the screenshot apps themselves. Assign region screenshot hotkeys to ctrl+print screen is the most I did in them.

Any idea as to what GPU settings could cause this or potentially somehere to look? Anything I could share that would help troubleshoot? Nvidia config?