All Proton games crash immediately

Whenever I try to launch a game through Proton it immediately crashes. Steam dialogue for launching the game works fine, but as soon as the game itself should launch it crashes. This seems to effect every version of proton. I have tried deleting the files for proton and re-installing them and re-installing steam, but the problem persists.

GTX 1060 6GB with up to date non-free drivers.

I don’t know where to start debugging this - is there a way to get logs from steam? Is there a way to install steam from scratch without preserving any old config/files?

Proton works fine on my laptop which is a practically identical configuration, although obviously very different hardware. (no discrete GPU)

What version of Proton you use ?

I’ve tried everything from 3.5 to experimental - they all have the same issue.

Really ALL games ?
try open Steam with terminal steam


Some folks have it set and it causes problems.

I don’t seem to have it set

There’s no unusual output as far as I can see, that is the output is identical to my laptop which works

hmm Ok TwT

Have a look here:


You’ll need to dig into your system because I can run every single game I try in Proton on Steam. With same video card. Give you system information first to start with something:

inxi -Fazy

Fixed the issue by removing all steam-related files and then re-installing - I still don’t know what went wrong in the first place, but at least it works now!