All must know Terminal commands

Hello again with another asking.

As i am planning take place on Manjaro i wanna gather all must know information about Manjaro what i will have to know , have to have and what not.

all Must-have Terminal commands for updates installations and etc. after i am planning to improve my skills on linux more and more. I was using before Fedora.

Did you try searching the internet for that phrase? :wink:

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Check this. I presume you have internet connection!

yeah searched but i prefer to learn from its official platform :blush: coz more compatible and trustworty. i am not trust third party sites.

u got me wrong guys. i am not lazy head guy. i not want third party sites advises. prefer to help on official platform. Official is what does makes sense. :slight_smile:

and i also heard that Manjaro community is high leveled friendly too :slight_smile:

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With what? Manjaro didn’t invent these commands, they’ve been around for decades. They’ll work on any GNU/Linux distribution.

Read the official documentation for each command then.

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ok sir i will do it. of course i know to read documentations. just wanted a little support from such experienced people like here u are really :slight_smile:

Blockquote Read the official documentation for each command then.

It is.
But: the question is just too broad - not specific.

Know what you want to do.
Use the Arch wiki (or this forum here) to find out how to do it.


This is a public forum not an official platform.

What you have to know may not be the same as what I have to know, nor what another person has to know; and some things, some people should not know.

Try Linux Journey.


This pacman rosetta is quite helpful especially for users coming from debian based distros