All Firefox tabs crash after latest upgrade

Today I upgraded my desktop Manjaro XFCE, and all Firefox tabs crash, even if I restart Firefox in Troubleshoot (safe) mode. Every tab says:

Gah. Your tab just crashed.
We can help!

Choose Restore This Tab to reload the page.

Choosing Restore This Tab only makes the tab completely empty.

I have Profile-sync-daemon (to use tmpfs for browser profile) but I don’t know if that’s related to the problem.

Please help: how can I diagnose and/or solve the problem?

PS. My Firefox version is reported as

88.0.1 (64-bit) in “Help - About Firefox” and
89.0-0.1 in Pamac

This can’t be right: firefox is at 105.0.2-1 across all branches:

Please check:

$ which firefox
$ pacman -Qo (which firefox)

/usr/bin/firefox is owned by firefox 89.0-0.1

I guess I disabled updates to keep my addons working.

Even firefox-esr is at 102.3.0. Ouch…

Let me know if updating to glib2-2.74.0-1.0 improve things …

Only use up-to-date browsers - there are security issues left and right and center with those old versions.

I already have glib2-2.74.0-2

Now I upgraded to v.105 but then tabs became empty even for about: pages.

I deleted Firefox and try to install 105 but pacman says:

Failed to prepare transaction

operation cancelled due to ignorepkg

So I would gladly “use up-to-date browsers” if they wouldn’t break my addons and settings again and again.

I really don’t have that much time like 3 days a year maybe to struggle with a freaking browser to make it work again as intended only because some itchy hands decided to break the functionality again.

You should remove IgnorePkg = firefox from /etc/pacman.conf

I don’t know what happend to your installation and firefox profile. I’ve never seen such behaviour and I’m using firefox exclusively and my profile is at least 10 years old…

Did you try firefoxes safemode?
Did you try with an older profile from your backups?

You can also start with a new profile and try to copy/restore the relevant session files, see