All distributions of linux need a much better default image/media viewer

I’ve been searching for a descent image/media viewer that would be extremely fast, intuitive and reliable and I’ve found the following project that satisfies all the requirements. I’m not sure why it’s not the default image/viewer on each and every linux distro already:

Should be at least in the Official repo, not in AUR. Highly recommended!



Not everyone wants/needs Qt installed.


I am going to have to agree that this is more of an ‘I like this app I found’ than a feature request that can be taken seriously …


Except for cropping, I don’t see anything there you can’t do with ranger + feh + mpv, and I doubt it can beat that combo for speed and ease of use.


Because qimgv is just a basic image viewer which does not seem to be “better” than most of the other image viewers.


Great that you like it, but I ratter stick with my own which is like drhoopoe a combo of ranger+feh+mpv.
I like to have my system clean and I don’t need nor want QT packages and I guess that does not only count for me.
Also the strength of Linux is you can pick and choose what you want, shall we keep it that way?


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