All desktop changes (wallpaper, widgets, icon locations) revert on restart

So I’ve tried locking icons which makes it so I cant move them, but they move on restart anyways. Sorting is set to unsorted in the rmb menu and in the drop down for the setting sorting is set to manual. And on restart they are all set to row based alphabetical even though the rmb menu and drop down all show unsorted, manual, and collumns.

As for wallpaper on restart it will always revert back to the default wallpaper of the global theme and there isnt an option to not have a global theme. I don’t use anything from the global theme and for each thing ive set what theme I want, everything BUT wallpaper will stay applied.

Just like with the wallpaper being reverted to default on restart it is the same with with widgets too, and the lock screen now as well.

IDK any solution but the problem seems to be that no matter what I change it reverts the wallpaper, widgets, icon locations, lock screen all back to whatever the global theme is.

Any help is much appreciated, I’ve been around variuous threads and can’t find a solution that works for me in any of them.

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create a new user, set wallpaper, icons etc, reboot and test with the new user if the issue remains …

Hi @drvinyl,

Almost sounds like you’re working off a USB thumb drive. Make sure you aren’t.

It might be it, but I won’t be surprised if it’s not.

@Mirdarthos Nope no thumb drive. Manjaro and kde5 are all properly installed

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I had issues with the task bar/panel not staying like I wanted. Also the wall paper app Slideshow. It fixed itself after about a week. Also Dolphin icons can change based on folder settings, remember each folder can have it’s own settings.

I wasn’t talking about dolphin icons, specifically the locations of icons on the desktop screen.