Akonadi with PostgreSQL backend

Due to some recurring MySQL errors and huge memory footprint I’ve considered switching away from MySQL as the backend for Akonadi.

Since SQLite is poorly supported I had to skip it in favor of a better supported database such as PostgreSQL, although there are many guides on how to make the switch with some different Linux flavors I couldn’t find any relevant guide for Manjaro or Arch, there should be some package to support this backend (on other flavors I could find something like libQt5Sql-postgres and such, but there’s no such package in Manjaro).

I found some tutorials suggesting removing the Akonadi configuration from .local/akonadi and replacing it with some PSQL specific config but I’m not sure it’ll work without a designated plugin for that.

What steps do I need to take in order to switch the backend database from MySQL to PostgreSQL?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

See if this helps as the principle is the same:


Hey, thanks for the links but I can’t use these since the first one is for openSUSE and there are some non-existing packages in Manjaro which I’m not if I can make this change without and the second link is for upgrading postgres once it’s already installed.

The postgresql package is in our extra repository and has the /usr/bin/pg_ctl and all the dependencies required.