Akonadi Contacts only in KRunner and KAddressBook

My PinePhone Pro is up to date with the KDE Plasma image.

I’ve got my Nextcloud instance set up in Akonadi and my calendar events show up just fine in Kalendar. Also set up is my contacts list, yet none of my contacts appear in the dialer or the default contacts app. When I installed the desktop application KAddressBook, however, they’re listed their just fine. I can also find my contacts in the KRunner search drawer which is pulled down on the homescreen.

So apparently Akonadi works fine, yet it’s not reporting the contacts to the stock mobile apps. The desktop version of Kalendar has a contacts tab, but that tab is absent in the mobile version so I can’t even use that as a stand-in. I tried adding a new stub contact in the dialer app, but I’m not sure where it is being stored because that new contact can’t be found in KAddressBook.

Any ideas?