After wake up from sleep, stuck here!

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Really? Do you have a link to the bug ticket?
I’ve never had any wakup problems with kde on multiple machines.
Must be hardware specific - but OP hasn’t given any info about hardware…

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Not much info there - listed hardware combinations are all over the place and there doesn’t seem to be a common denominator.
It could have something to do with multiple monitors, but not all commenters mention those (and my unaffected installations use those as well) :man_shrugging:

Is this related?


I’ve just moved to :netherlands: for a new job, so I can only look at your pings on the week-end as I’m being kept entertained by my new employer during the week, but it seems @freggel.doe did a great job of filling in for me…

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Je sais que t’es :fr: mais je voulais juste t’avertir que je ne suis plus si accessible qu’avant…

I know you’re :fr: but I just wanted to inform you I’m not as available as you’re used to…


Open a new topic all by its own instead of posting it there?

(Unless I fail to understand the question)