After upgrade to Wynsdey, konsole prompt images not working

I have two Manjaro VMs, one xfce, the other KDE. After I upgraded them both to Wynsdey, the Konsole prompt on both shows a rectangle where the Manjaro logo, home, hourglass, etc… icons used to be (see attached pics). Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Post upgrade:

Prior to upgrade:

Edit your Konsole profile and select one of the fonts of the Nerd variety, such as Noto Sans Mono Nerd.

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Thanks @Aragorn. That did work, well sort of. I did not have any Nerd fonts in my list of fonts within Konsole (even with Show all fonts selected). Is it possible the update removed some fonts? Anyway, I installed the ttf-noto-nerd package and then Nerd fonts showed up. I still couldn’t find the Noto Sans Mono Nerd font you referenced. But of the ones there, I found several that worked and selected one of those. Either way, thanks for getting me on the right path.

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Normally updates dont remove things.
But its possible some dependency web worked out that way.
And whatever happens you would be prompted.

Well, pacman would prompt you. Last I saw pamac has trouble with interaction prompts.
If using pamac with the AUR enabled then it can even be possible to replace core packages with AUR ones.

You can look in the logs to see if anything happened, ex:

grep -i nerd /var/log/pacman.log

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