After updating yesterday, I cannot run xv6

I just did update yesterday by sudo pacman -Syu,
but I cannot run my xv6 now.

When I type the command

make qemu

The console stucks at

SeaBIOS (version ArchLinux 1.14.0-1)

iPXE ( 00:03.0 CA00 PCI2.10 PnP PMM+1FF91500+1FEF1500 CA00

Booting from Hard Disk..

I find that qemu did not update yesterday, so I am lost now wondering what is going wrong here.

I try it both on 5.4 kernel and 5.10 kenel, the problem is same.

Before updaing, xv6 can run normally on my PC.

I’m also having this issue, anyone find a fix? I found a stack overflow article to delete BYTE(0) from kernel.ld but it didn’t fix the issue for me.

I thought that it was gcc’ s fault, after I copied the files compiled by an older version of gcc and found that it could run normally.

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