After updating the application some extension stop working

Extensions for GNOME 44 and earlier do not work anymore in GNOME 45.

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i need only this extension
is there any option ??

I think your only option is to contact the developer(s) and request that they port it to GNOME 45. :man_shrugging:

i am new in linux , who dev can u tag here his/her id ?

I don’t think the developers of that extension would be members here at the forum — if they are, then we have no knowledge of that — but the image you posted appears to have a GitHub link on it to the project page. The proper procedure would then be to create a GitHub account and file a feature request on that project page.

ok , thanks

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Developer has lost interest and so it is unlikely ever to be updated for GNOME 45 unless someone else takes over the project.


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