After update Manjaro won't boot to Gnome Login

Hi, after a recent sizable update (about 1-2 days ago), Manjaro now boots and stays at my computers boot logo, it won’t show Gnome login, at least without me switching to another tty and then back to tty1 where the login screen will appear.

We changed how gdm is working. If you need plymouth you may want to install gdm-plymouth. Else disable splash in /etc/default/grub and issue sudo update-grub

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My issure is very similar I guess. After recent update I my laptop is stuck in the login page. No Matter how many times I enter my password, nothing happens. Any suggestions?

Do I need to uninstall something after installing gdm-plymouth? Also, what does that package do when compared to normal gdm? Also, after installing it, do I need to configure any files?

It worked for me. Thanks

Same happens here. So my solution was to boot into a live installation and edit /boot/grub/grub.cfg to remove splash option

Hey, I did it and noticed that today morning when I turned on my laptop, the same thing happened :frowning:. Any suggestions?

So I upgraded to kernel 5.12 and it fixed the issue… Don’t know why the issue was a thing in the first place.

Hello. I am facing an issue that looks similar to the one from @Yiannis128. Does that mean I need plymouth as well. What is plymouth exactly?

(My device Lenovo t470s)

Just do
sudo pacman -Syu gdm-plymouth
Then it should ask you to uninstall normal gdm because this package is meant to replace the other one.

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