After update, I can't access any websites, but can ping successfully

After update system by yay, I reboot my machine。
Now, I can’t access any websites, with the same err: “ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED”。
But I can ping all websites.

Basic trouble shooting

The message

Did you fiddle with /etc/hosts file - it looks like a hosts spam filter redirection gone wrong.

The /etc/hotels is default, I haven’t edited it.

But today, my network support ipv6. Could it be this reason?

Possibly - IPv6 sometimes creates weird issues.

Try disabling IPv6 - read more on the wiki

If you are using DNS over HTTPS or TLS/QUIC on your browser, it can be possible that the provider is down or not recognising your IP address. Try to ping them, too.

Completely OT: Had a laugh about this one, thanks.

Thanks, the problem was caused by my proxy, but i don’t know what happened.
After uninstalling v2ray & v2raya, the network is back to normal.

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