After update and system clean, stuck in emergency mode with no keyboard input

After an update I had noticed my installation had become quite bloated at around 100gb so I followed a system maintenance wiki to clean up unwanted files in the cache I believe. This ended up causing me to boot into emergency mode.

[FAILED] Failed to start Load Kernal Modules
[FAILED] Failed to mount /boot/efi.
[FAILED] Dependency failed for Local File Systems...
You are in emergence mode. After logging in, type journalctl -xb to view system logs....

Give root password for maintenance
(Or press control-d to continue): _

Can anyone advise how to troubleshoot this? When I type on this screen neither keyboard I use works.

Looking at the journalctl -xb there are no logs

I do have a live manjaro USB however.

Please help! A reinstall is not ideal, would lose over a year of data

You’ve hosed your UEFI system and Linux cannot make heads nor tails of your system any more. You’re in for a re-install!

  1. Boot the USB (that’ll boot with or without UEFI, ensure to set your computer to BIOS mode beforehand) and backup copy all of your data onto an external drive
  2. Please read this:

and start making backups from this point forward!