After Upate today i have no Nvidia Graphics on my Dell Laptop

That’s your point of view, not mine. If i buy a laptop with a dedicated GPU i wanna use this as primary otherwise i buy a cheaper laptop with a single iGPU. Period.
everybody who’s buying a powerful laptop want’s to get 100% use of it and everything else is philosophy that i don’t care of.

IF thats your opinion/intention then please at least explain it to the user instead of
“Oh, it looks you dont have a driver … do this”.

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please don’t give me any beef. the driver was N/A, it was missing due to a mirror-problem as @Yochanan already insisted.

Dude, I used ‘please’ in every instance, and I do believe your approach is at least dishonest to the users seeking help, even if you believe it to be more ‘optimum’. I dont need to get into an argument about that.
If these kinds of suggestions are indeed made with full knowledge of the intricacies, not by mistake, then I am just asking you to be more transparent.

I didn’t want to start a fight here. It seemed that my Nvidia driver no longer worked after Update the system. Why one package was uninstalled is another question. I didn’t have a Switch driver before but it’s not a problem and at least the Nvidia driver is back on. What would have been a better approach to help?

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Just reperforming update with the mirrors in working order (which could also by augmented by sorting mirrors first).

See for example the other related threads of people doing the same thing
(also note they dont require changing your packages)

The only cases where a package change would have occurred would be from unsupported packages
(which should also be handled) like here:

(this thread also has a long winding nature, but include my assessment and it will make sense almost immediately)

For now … if you wanted to return to standard state all you would need to do is remove the envycontrol stuff. Maybe force reinstall the mhwd driver profile again, but I dont think that should be necessary.

Because the issue was not the wrong profile, incorrect packages, lack of envycontrol, but just …

Just an issue of sync status.

But if you like envycontrol … then keep it. I wasnt saying its terrible.
Its certainly better than the other ones like ‘optimus-manager’, which you should actively avoid.

But lots of people prefer, or even need the hybrid setup.
(again, this is the default setup with the hybrid mhwd profile without envycontrol)
Because … nvidia isnt the most compatible, or opensource friendly thing.
Your desktop may actually have less bugs running on an intel/amd, or maybe the energy savings are important to you, or native VAAPI acceleration, and you only need the nvidia for your steam games. etc.
Just thought I would include some rationale since it already happened. :wink:

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Thanks for the long answer, I read the other posts and couldn’t find a solution for myself at first, Olli helped me get this Nvidia driver back.

The marked solution is either correct because of malformed install, or simply because it made you sync again. You already had the desired profile.

My umbrage was with

Which was at first glance to me made in error, but @Olli insists it is because envycontrol is preferable to prime-run, not because they were unsure of the status.

If that is true, then they purposefully misled you.

At that point you were recovered, and only needed use prime-run to activate the nvidia, such as

prime-run glxinfo | grep 'renderer string'

The command that I see as a solution definitely helped. I wonder how it worked before, did it switch on its own? I’ve never thought about it. I was happy saved the laptop for €110 and that it can even play games.

You had the PRIME profile, a hybrid setup, meaning unless you used prime-run you never used the nvidia.

I’ll try that out.

envycontrols ‘hybrid’ is the same as the default functioning of the mhwd video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-prime profile.

glxinfo | grep 'renderer string'
prime-run glxinfo | grep 'renderer string'

Is just an example. The first should show intel, the second nvidia.

In normal operation this means your desktop and everything else is running on the intel, but for example a steam game you edit the launch options to

prime-run %command%

And the game runs on the nvidia.

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Thanks for the quick info, I think I’ll end the post with that, say goodnight.

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