After trying out some touchpad gesture extensions, I am getting unwanted gesture behavior. Does anyone know how I could revert the effects of these extension

The extensions in question are as follows.

I am able to switch between virtual desktops with 3 finger verticle gestures and 4 finger gestures. I want to to disable a ll gestures amd move on to configuring libinput gestures.

I’ve tried disabling the extensions, deleting the extensions, changing the settings etc, but non were able to remove the gestures.

Is there a file I need to delete to remove these gestures? I’ve just finished installing this and I do not want to resolve ti reinstalling(though, if no choice is given I will reinstall).


As a nuclear option, you can delete your dconf file. That will revert all your gnome settings to their default values.

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Will this include Extensions?

Yes, all extensions and their settings, plus any theme and keybinding customizations you might have done. And things like remembered Bluetooth connections. Dconf has a lot of stuff.

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You can try disabling them through xinput, install xinput then fire up terminal.
Type xinput
Find your touchpad in the listings. If you don’t know the name of your touchpad, just go to gnome’s mouse settings and it will identify the mouse.
Enter xinput list-props x, in this, x will the list number shown in the xinput . Here’s a screenshot:

After this, check for lines in the terminal which corresponds to keyworks like gestures, four finger etc. I am sure you will find it. After that, change their props one by one. If their ending number is 1, so boolean says it is true. If 0 then not true(disabled). You will change the props one by one through this:

xinput 13 310 0

let me explain. 13 means the x number we talked earlier on. It is the id number on the front of the touchpad when you toggle xinput. Yours is different. 310 is the line number when you toggle xinput list-props 13. There will be multiple props for you to change, as you mentioned more than one, an example:
In this to disable it, you need to enter:
xinput 13 303 0
Boom and it is disabled!
If you want to reenable, try
xinput 13 303 1
Try this with the identified lines , and hopefully the problem is solved.
There is one drawback however, that this is not a permanent solution, as the effect wears off after a few days. Bt try nevertheless and hopefully it will be in some use for you.

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