After todays update black screen kernel 5.9

Hallo. Todays update broke my system. I was running kernel 5.8 and it installed 5.9.

On boot i get black screen.
I can get in tty but startx gives error.
Boot from live and chroot update not working
Uninstall grafic driver and install not working

I had the nvidia 455xx driver installed before update but now it doesn’t appear now in available list

Also attempting to install the nonfree drivers gives error.

Sorry for posting picture.

Somebody can help me out please?

Thanks in advance


I attach screen for inxi - Fxxx, startx,

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Please read this first… :arrow_down:

… and then try the advice given in this post… :arrow_down:

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Thanks. My problem was the nvidia-455xx-utils conflict.

I removed it with
sudo pacman -Rdd nvidia-455xx-utils

and then i did

sudo mhwd -a pci nonfree 0300

which worked after uninstallation of utils

Thanks and happy new year

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