After the update, the names of the windows disappeared

I have an nvidia graphics card, after updating the name, there is only if you expand the window to full screen

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Hi @MaxRev, and welcome!

Not using Gnome, all I can suggest is removing the cache directory:

rm -fr ~/.cache

Restart to check.

Hope this helps!


OH! And if that doesn’t work, check your theme, and if that doesn’t make a difference, see if it happens with a new user account to test.

Possible solutions here :

  • using open source driver
  • adding a line in config file

some one helps Setting GSK_RENDERER=cairo , what i need to do?

Please confirm whether any previous suggestion solved the issue you described in the title and with the screenshot. Thanks.

I suspect we misunderstood your last post.
So, to add this line in the file :

  • open a Terminal
  • run command cat /etc/environment to check the content of the file
  • run command su , you will be asked for superuser password
  • run command echo 'GSK_RENDERER=cairo' >> /etc/environment : job is done
  • run command exit to quit ‘su’ mode
  • run command cat /etc/environment to check the content of the file; The added line should appear
    Then you should probably log off and reenter a new session, or reboot.

Thanks a lot, it solved my problem.

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