After the update, the Gmail accounts and Google Drive no longer work

After the big update today, Gmail accounts and Google Drive no longer work. The message appears: “Calling tasklists::list failed: Access token for “List from Michael” could not be obtained: The login data was not found in the keychain”

My Gmail account (Google Drive) could no longer be connected to Nemo due to missing proof of identification.

What should I do?

In Cinnamon there should be some menu where you can set your online accounts, or was that only on Mint?
There re-enter credentials?

Anyway, maybe this bug? Cannot use Google Online Accounts in LMDE 6 with Nvidia driver · Issue #11881 · linuxmint/cinnamon · GitHub

Thank you!


XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=GNOME gnome-control-center

I was able to open the settings and log in to Google again. Apparently normal after such a fundamental update. Now everything is working again

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