After the recent update, the file dialog of firefox can't pop up in kde

After the 10/13 update, the file dialog of firefox disappears when saving files in kde. Both firefox and firefox beta don’t work. Any solutions?

How are these installed? (SNAP, from the repos)
And are you using portals?

pacman -Qs portal

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Yup, and check this config again:
2023-10-21 13:00:49
I actually refreshed Firefox before I realised that the config had been reset on upgrade :frowning:

Both firefox and beta are installed from repos. And xdg-desktop-portal and xdg-desktop-portal-kde are installed.

I also set the firefox config widget.use-xdg-desktop-portal.file-picker, but the value 1 or 2 work. But set it to 0, I can use the original file picker.

I find this problem doesn’t limits to firefox only. In vscode, I can’t open the file picker dialog either.

So the next step might be a reboot - I had this issue last week or two, normally I just sleep and wake my machine, I had spent an hour ‘fixing’ it and then went for a drastic measure - rebooted and it worked perfectly.

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I’m curious – Does this happen when using both Wayland an X11?

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The thing is, when I lost the dialog it was fixed on first reboot - so I can’t say the error would also come up with Wayland.

Hopefully @xiangsheng will come back and enlighten us.

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Indeed. We’ll wait with baited breath.

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I found this updated reference to Firefox Bug 1752398 regarding Wayland support. It looks like full support might be just around the corner, as Mozilla Might Finally Enable Firefox’s Wayland Backend Soon briefly explains.

I don’t know that the current issue is even related to Wayland, but I’m thowing it into the mix for interest sake, anyway.

I have rebooted several times and the problem persists.

I find the solution from this post.

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