After the deprecation of pulseaudio-modules-bt, simultaneous use of headset and microphone creates lag in sound

Hi! I have a headset that uses A2DP. I also use a separate Bluetooth microphone, which I used to connect via HFP. It used to work fairly well with pulseaudio-modules-bt.

Since pulseaudio-modules-bt has been deprecated, I kept using it. A few days ago, I couldn’t connect my devices anymore, so I switched back to pulseaudio-bluetooth. The headset works fine, however, when I also connect the microphone, the sound lags in an unbearable manner. I also have trouble connecting the two devices simultaneously, sometimes needing to turn Bluetooth off and on.

Any ideas on what to do? I looked around and PipeWire seems a hit or miss, so I would like to exhaust all my options with Pulseaudio before experimenting with something else.

That’s what you should try. Bluetooth things much better works with PipeWire. Just install manjaro-pipewire and remove any conflicting packages if any will appear.

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Installing manjaro-pipewire seems to have done the trick. I’ll test it out for a few days and mark Your answer as the solution if there are no hiccups. Thanks!

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