After system upgrade: Gnome 42.1, Wayland => Window UI hangs after a couple of seconds

After a system upgrade today 2022-05-18 (sudo pacsrv -Syu)

I noticed that with every window I open (Calculator, Firefox, Chromium etc.) the window UI elements stop working after a couple of seconds. So I can in Firefox use bookmarks to get to a website and than the UI withing the window isn’t working anymore. So no mouse click, scrolling or typing …

The rest of the gnome shell kept working though. So I could open a new firefox but also this and any opened windows showed the same ‘disease’

I disabled all gnome extensions, but that didn’t help

My only solution so far was starting gnome with xorg. So I believe there is a problem with Gnome 42.1 and Wayland and possibly the way Manjaro did set them up?

I also did the update on another computer with sudo pacsrv -Syu with the same artifacts, so it is not a hardware problem. Could it be the way pacsrv works? Or is there an underlaying problem?

I think I have the same issue.
Gnome on Wayland starts up fine, but after a very short while most applications simply stop responding to mouse clicks.

Gnome-shell itself still responds to clicks though. I can still Alt+Drag windows around. The Gnome-shell topbar also still works.

I have also disabled all the Gnome extensions, but it didn’t resolve the issue.

Even a reinstall didn’t work, so I figured the issue had to be within the configuration somehow.
I cleared the .cache folder, but that didn’t help.
I removed all the gtk & gnome- folders from .config and .local/share/apps but that also didn’t help.
Then I removed the .config/dconf/ folder and suddenly everything is working again.

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