After stable update 20240513 ATI doesn´t work

Alfter stable update some ATI graphics doesn´t work and system can not start
radeonCAICOS_pfp.bin failed with error-2

Seems to be a firmware issue you may face. radeon/CAICOS_pfp.bin is not loading. Which kernel you use? Maybe switcch to a newer one.

Linux5.15 but linux4.14, I think kernel 4.14 is out but I have it in case fail 5.15, same problem

Make sure you’re up to date as linux-firmware 20240409.1addd7dc-1.1 should resolve the issue.

System is up to date.
Is safe remove files in /var/log/journal/* sudo rm /var/log/journal/* because in this directory have one file corrupted and after update 20240513 start was slowly?
Is safe remove sudo rm /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/* too?
Thank you.

tmpfiles.d is part of a configuration system of systemd to manage temporary files. A deep dive into the topic here: Managing temporary files with systemd-tmpfiles on RHEL 7 | Red Hat Developer

to know about how to cleanup logs you can follow this:

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I had removed logs journal older than 5 days before size /var/log/journal about 1GB after clean size about 300MB

The problmen seems solved

  • Remove files older than 5 days in /var/log/journal
  • Reinstalling linux 515 xf86-video-ati linux-firmware
  • pacman -Scc
  • Update system
    Now computer start fast