After regular system updates on or after 12/22 GNOME 43.2 dark mode is not working

Hardware Model - HP HP Laptop 15-dy1xxx
Memory - 12.0 GiB
Processor - Intel® Core™ i5-1035G1 × 8
Graphics - Mesa Intel® UHD Graphics (ICL GT1)
Disk Capacity - 512.1GB

OS Name - Manjaro Linux
OS Build ID - rolling
OS Type - 64-bit
GNOME Version - 43.2
Windowing System - Wayland

Layout - Manjaro

After regular system updates on or after 12/22/2022 Dark Mode does not work on the Terminal, Filezilla, and a bunch of other apps. It used to.

What theme do you have set under Tweaks > Appearance > Legacy Applications?

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I had the same issue and when I opened Tweaks > Appearance > Legacy Applications nothing was selected. I changed it to the desired theme and it worked. Thanks for your solution!