After latest -Syu update, X looks like glitchy, but restart fixes it

After having updated last week, when I boot into X, my screen looks totally glitchy, like scrambled. That is when lightdm loads the greeter, before logging in into the session (therefore it’s not the desktop environment. i3 btw).

If I then login, then immediately log out (I use the i3 keyboard shortcuts so I know by heart), the screen is fixed and everything looks normal.

What could that be?
I have seen some updates of Xwayland and stuff, not sure if it’s related. This week that got an update again but it didn’t fix it.

This is also the case on other WM’s.

In this thread people are experiencing the same thing, yet we haven’t heard anything “from up top” to give us a solution nor what could possibly be the problem (for now).

Maybe this thread might help give you an insight :slight_smile:

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I went to the linked thread but there is no solution for my case there.

I am still having this issue. I have to login, then logout again which then fixes the issue.

This means that some configuration option of something should be able to fix it…?

Finally…Glitches with new Kernel? (I think) Kernel >5.4 - #12 by phonky
this thread helped me, finally updating to kernel 5.12 fixed this for me…

I wonder what made the difference.