After last update, sound quit working

I use Phosh on a Pinephone, and after the last update, the sound stopped working in VLC. I went to settings and tried to test the speakers but didn’t hear anything. I can ssh into the phone and run commands.

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With me on “Gnome unstabel” sometimes the setting for sound get altered,
Sound switches to another source, and then there is no sound to be heard…

I found someone with the same warning I got, and a developer had to update the pulseaudio-alsa package. This was my warning: pulseaudio-alsa local newer than extra (2-5). The thread is from 2020 and on the Artix Linux Forum, but I can’t share the link. I’m using a Pinephone.

solved this with uninstalling alsa-ucm-pinephone and then reinstalling again. Hope this helps.

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Thanks, reinstalling alsa-ucm-pinephone also fixed the same issue for me.
I had to reboot after reinstalling before the audio began working again.