After last update konsole keyboard shortcut issue with alt+f

since the last update konsole has reassigned alt+f open the find search box instead of going to the shell to go forward one word.

the issue being that this shortcut assignment is not in konsole keyboard shortcut settings where the find feature is assigned to ctrl+shift+f

any idea how I can fix this ?

there is nothing to fix - konsole work as expected

I suggest you go over your configuraton

Could be you .cache :man_shrugging:

Another option is to create a test user - logout and login as the test user - open konsole and test - then you will know …

there is nothing to fix - konsole work as expected

no, no it does not.
it is not expected that konsole would suddenly have a new keyboard shortcuts after update that does not appear in the settings.

I looked over the configuration before posting here and this shortcut is nowhere to be found.

I tried making a new user and the fresh account from scratch is also affected by this issue.

There is no change - konsole work as expected on all my test systems.

Which is why I suggest it is a local issue - but I don’t know your system - only you do.

well good for you that you are not affected by this issue, but your case of “it works on my machine” is not helpful in any way. please refrain from posting if you have nothing valuable to contribute.

I have 3 different computers running manjaro and all 3 are affected by this issue.
all user accounts are affected.

other people are also affected by this problem: Konsole Alt+f - KDE Social

there has been a bug report filed to kde: 482628 – ALT+F activates "find" in the toolbar

One joker I can think of - is using zsh - I am using bash on my systems - and the default zsh configuration provided with Manjaro may interfere.

Try creating a new konsole profile - and set the shell to bash - then recheck.

I can also check a virtual machine with a default Plasma installation.

I can confim (Shell is bash)
Alt+f performs the same function as ctrl+shift+f
but only ctrl+shift+f is defined in the settings.
I personally don’t care and would never have noticed it …

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this is definitely a bug in konsole: 482628 – ALT+F activates "find" in the toolbar

alt is now going to element from the toolbar.
to prevent alt+f going to find in the toolbar, you have to edit the toolbar and rename find into search. but once done, alt+f is still captured and open the file menu.

what a mess and oversight from kde dev.

the current workaround is to both disable the session toolbar using the checkbox in Settings > Toolbars Shown > Session toolbar and hide the menu bar with ctrl+shift+m

only then will the shell work as intended again.

There is absolute no reasons to be confrontational.

I didn’t say you don’t have and issue - but if the issue cannot be reproduced - it is likely to be local.

The reason I don’t see this is because I don’t have toolbars in my konsole window.

When you have the toolbars the Alff opens the search for text in konsole function.

Whether this is new or old - I have no idea.

man, you were the onw being confrontonial by denying there was an issue and firmly pretending konsole is working as intended.

it turns you were wrong. konsole is not working as it should. every machine is affected but not yours because you have a custom configuration, funny but your case of it works on my machine is actually because of your custom settings.

just refrain from posting when you have no clue about the issue. or nothing useful to contribute. thanks.

Nope I have never said you didn’t have an issue - so there is that.

If you remove the session toolbar - your ‘issue’ goes away.

Or you can edit the session toolbar and remove the Find option - same effect.

But if you then displays the menu bar - then Altf will open the file menu.

I don’t know if the behaviour is intended or not - as I recall one of the reason I remove the toolbars back-in-time - was the annoying search box popping at unexpected times.

In any case - it is a matter of configuration.

What you want is to disable Alt+keys accelerators, I don’t think it’s possible for now inside Konsole, but can be done if you open a request on

What you can do to avoid the problem Alt+F accelerator is renaming your find icon text and even hide it if you want.




Then if you press Alt it will trigger another accelerator key for that icon


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thanks for your suggestion and nice screenshots but sadly this is not enough to fix the issue.

After disabling the session toolbar or renaming the find entry, the ALT shortcuts are stille captured by konsole and alt+F opens the file menu.

there is no fix at this time.
for a full workaround to get back alt+f going to the shell you have to hide the menu bar and disable the session toolbar (or rename find to something else)

a bug report has already been filed 2 months ago asking to disable the CTRL and ALT accelerators in konsole:

You can move to the next word boundary using Ctrl + Right Arrow (and left to go the other way).

Also, I removed Find from the session toolbar and Alt + F started moving to the next word boundary.

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Those accelerators keys are essential for people with disabilities to navigate application components, every respectable app should expose them.

The real fix to your loved alt+f is to map it to another keys combination different from alt+keys.


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Not here on my system. I’ve just changed it myself. But you do have to close Konsole after making the change and then start it again. In the new instance, Alt+F doesn’t do anything GUI-wise in Konsole on my system. :man_shrugging:

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